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60 things locals love about Coimbra

Let's start with an incendiary fact: some people living in Coimbra suffer from coimbrite. You don't know what that is? Well, it's a pathology that affects inhabitants and translates into the ability to choose to see t...

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Just feel like enjoying a terrace? 10 ideas with great views in Coimbra

Eat & Drink
Staying outside and enjoy the breeze while having a cup of coffee, tea or beer is still a favorite for the Portuguese, wether it's Winter or Summer time. Having something outdoors while talking to a friend, working, r...

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3 interesting spots that maybe are not in your Coimbra tour guide

 Elysio de Moura House-Museum Near the University, next to the new Hotel Sapientia, there's this brand new place called Elysio de Moura House-Museum. It is the former residence of famous university professor, phi...

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Tips of places and experiences awaiting you
in Coimbra and Centre of Portugal.

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